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Suzie is a very experienced massage therapist with over 10 years of working with parents and babies, teaching baby massage one to one session and group classes in East London, Bow and Hackney since 2007. With experience of working with prem babies, helping with babies with reflux, colic and wind.   She also now proud to teach baby massage to maternity nurses in London.

She is a qualified Aromatherapist and created  her own natural skincare brand 'Soothe-me' which is especially designed for sensitive skin.  Qualified Holistic and onsite accupressure masseuse, and is also trained in first aid for babies. 

Suzie says "I set up my first baby massage classes from my home in 2007 when I was expecting my son as I needed to change how I worked. The first mums I taught loved the classes and shared the class with other new mums, things then grew from there. I gained valuable first had knowledge in to helping babies with reflux and colic after my son was very ill with both. I learned particular postures and holds that really helped and am now able to share this to help other babies. ​- Its such a privilege to teach I love this job!"

As my son got older and I discovered the value of baby yoga and structured play I set up more local classes and at the request of parents, I also now offer Dad and baby workshops too, just get in touch to find out more."


""Baby massage with Suzie is the most fun and beneficial class we do. The tailor pose swing is such fun too! I found the course such a valuable thing to do and great way to release Henrys wind!" 

- Katie & Henry 


"Francis was born early and colic with reflux caused her distress in teh early days, Suzie was amazing at showing us how best to hold and massage her to help ease her pain. It was incredible the difference in Francis after the workshop" 

- Emma & Francis  

"Baby Tess & I got so much out of Suzie's baby massage course. The time we spent doing massage felt like a tranquil escape from the rest of hectic London life! We learnt as a group in a relaxed and friendly environment but there was also time to ask individual questions at any point and Suzie always made sure each individual baby was considered. A wonderful way to learn about baby massage!" 

- Katherine & Tess

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You can choose to join a 4 week course with maximum of 8 for great personal attention. Courses take place in Bow E3 or Suzie can come to run a course for a group in your own home/choice of location. Please get in touch for latest course dates, they can be flexible. 


Suzie will come to teach you baby massage, moves and holds in your own home, bespoke to your baby. Lovely to give as a gift to new babies. These are usually in and around East or North London, but is happy to travel further on request.


Dads love to learn too! So Suzie also offers 'Learn, Stretch & Play workshops for Dads and babies, usually for small groups in East London, Bow & Hackney. Get in touch to find out about latest course or to set up a session. 


Take a look at the Soothe-me skin care range.
Suzie also offers a skincare consultation service (please inquire via contact form) and had particular knowledge about dry skin and eczema, you can also buy sample size from the award winning 'Soothe-me' natural skincare range.



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